In 1822, the first photograph was made. 200 years later, photography continues to be a powerful medium for communication and expression.

Below are samples of work created by Greg. 


Portrait of woman
Portrait of woman
Portrait of man
Portrait of woman
Casual portrait of Steph Curry
Portrait of man
Portrait of woman in business
Portrait of woman with sunflowers
Petfood Industry magazine cover photograph of Nell Newman
Cabinet Maker magazine cover photograph of cabinetmaker

Homes & Property

Aerial photograph of San Francisco skyline and roof terrace
Aerial photograph of San Francisco skyline and roof terrace
Photograph of San Francisco commercial building
Aerial photograph of homes under construction
Aerial photograph of land being prepared for home construction
Aerial photograph of electric substation and lake
Aerial photograph of home with vineyard
Interior photograph of hospital lobby
Photograph of hospital exterior


Photograph of man standing with arms raised in front of burning building
Photograph of man fishing on boat
Photograph of men pouring water on Elk during tagging operation
Photograph of man tossing bucket of water on fire
Photograph of man in taxi with billboard overhead
Photograph of man with artwork on wall above him
Photograph of men walking on busy street with cars
Photograph of boy with wresting mask looking at magazine with wrestlers
Photograph of girl cheering before swimming meet.
Photograph of bridge at sunset overlooking river